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Welcome to Night World:

Night World is a play-by-post forum site where almost anything is possible. When the date reached December 23rd 2012, everything exploded. Natural disasters started everywhere all at the same time. Floods covered the earth while great earthquakes and tornadoes further ruined it. More than five and a half billion people where whipped clean of the face of Earth. When the survivors woke up, they found that the world had reformed into what was known as Pangaea, all the continents, connected. A powerful mage emerged from the rest, and frowned upon what had happened. He claimed he had a great dream with vast insight, and soused his powers to turn time back a millennium, 1,000 years, and split the mass continent into many fragmented pieces scattered across space.

Now, the world is in a power struggle, with chaos tainting the many islands scattered about the visible earth, now known as Tyrand. Some try and gain peace, banding together with a respect from all races. But how far can it go? Will you join and fight with the rebellion, the killers of chaos and bearers of light? Or will you choose the chaotic side, following in this new world, to obtain a new, fierce order 'or the land? You must choose a side, and fight along with any companions you may have. You need to make your own destiny by venturing out into the places even you cannot imagine. Your goal…is self-preservation.

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Will Cross
Test AC
Favicon Advancements!
Fri Nov 13, 2009 10:19 am by Akio
Attention Night World Community!

I have some what of an important announcement to make...(no wonder it ended up on this board. >>)

As you may / may not have noticed, I have changed our favicon for the site. Orginally I was trying to use a generated code, but I found out that it was broken so I ended up making my own and it works so I be happy. Ne way, I have listed here 6 favicons …

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Comments: 2
New Skin Development
Sat Oct 31, 2009 10:37 pm by Akio
Alright guys, hope you enjoy the new look for the site, because I love it and it took forever!

All in all, my Halloween was implementing this amazing skin and eating a giant bag of candy from Wall-mart.

The theme is Gothic England, I do hope you enjoy. The banner, while amazing, will most likely be temporary. Another close friend of mine has graciously volunteered some of her precious time …

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