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 New Skin Development

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Do you like the new theme?
It's freakin' amazing, I absolutely luff it!
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Actually no, it kinda blows. >_>
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I'm impartial. *Shrugs*
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PostSubject: New Skin Development   Sat Oct 31, 2009 10:37 pm

Alright guys, hope you enjoy the new look for the site, because I love it and it took forever!

All in all, my Halloween was implementing this amazing skin and eating a giant bag of candy from Wall-mart.

The theme is Gothic England, I do hope you enjoy. The banner, while amazing, will most likely be temporary. Another close friend of mine has graciously volunteered some of her precious time to allow me to bug her about creating a banner for the site. Well, banners. Yes, plural. I do hope to get one for each season...her art work is so amazing, I'm going to be paying her. But nobody heard that. geek

If she doesn't mind my pestering, perhaps I can get her to construct some for individual holidays...It's a thought.

Anyway, happy Halloween, and enjoy Night World.

~ Akio / Sam
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New Skin Development
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