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 The Start of the War

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PostSubject: The Start of the War   Sat Oct 31, 2009 12:29 pm

The world as we know it now exists in chaos. Around 2012 AD, the world was sent through a serious bout of tremors, great quakes and other natural disasters and calamities. The few survivors left had come to find the world had reformed into the mass continent Pangaea. A powerful mage named Neoki emerged from the destruction, and used his magic to split the world into many islands. He even erased the memories of its entire people; reversing times a whole millennia. One-Thousand years. The year is now 1012, technology has been forgotten, and the world is in a second dark ages. There are no states, or countries, just Tyrand and the territories it contains.

The world has been blasted into many islands, all contained within specific territories. Nagol, a challenger to Neoki became a rebel, and went against all that Neoki had 'created'. He formed a tribe of people that eventually grew into another half of the population. Eventually, it came to the point where neither of the Lords could live together. They massed together their respective armies, and marched on the central point of the island. Everybody was obliterated. Very few soldiers even returned from the battle, and often refuse to speak of it. They attempt to co-exist peacefully, despite differences in race descent. They were the true beginnings of the Murdrock Territory. That territory has claimed three islands within their territory: Xyleena, the capital, Emeline, the second largest island and Karinya, an island smaller than Emeline, but still fairly large. They wished to band together Tyrand once again, one true nation, to live peacefully. Spreading order as they go, ultimate peace is there entire goal.

All the islands are millions of miles apart. Nobody is quite sure how much power Neoki had held, but it must have been great to do all the things he did. Since the miles are so far apart, ships play a bigger role than you might think. Some cleaver individuals were able to gather the mages and other magical beings of Tyrand to create teleporters to getting places. Giant stone arches have been built as gates to the other places around the now vast planet. They lead to different islands depending upon where you want to go. Some magical being has to be with you in order to safely transport you to the place you wish to go. In actuality, the planet really isn’t one big entity. The islands are suspended magically above space, almost like individual planets with the water stopping at the edges, as though being cut off by an invisible wall. Should you view an island from space, you could see the ground extending below the water and the island, stopping at different points and made up of different stones. Perhaps the vast diversity in proximity to the sun in combination with the magic has allowed the very extensive changes in climates.

Then there is the resistance; those who call themselves the Nagol. After the great battle, they decided to band together, and fight the evil change that was spreading the land at the hands of the Neoki. After all, it was them in the beginning that had fought them and killed so many of their brethren. They own the Nagol territory, also made up of two islands, Bristan, the larger island next to Thea, the smaller one. Though closely related in size, Bristan is the capital while Thea remains the lesser island. The resisting races, polar opposites to that of the chaos, that make their forces include: Human, Wood Elves and Dwarfs. Their goal is to stop the spread of chaos and disorder among the land, and unite it under one ruler to make laws and restrictions for all kinds to follow.

Remnant followers of Neoki had twisted the little world from the great battle into tongue of hardships, marked against them. They organized themselves into a chaotic union, set on continuing Neoki's great dream. They own the Neoki territory, and have two islands. The main island Rororcaitun as their capital. And Rihuvol as a secondary land, naturally smaller than the capital. Their ranks include 3 separate races or the Races of Chaos, polar opposites to the Nagol: Ork, Blood elves and Goblins. As much as possible, they try to obtain disorder where ever applicable.
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The Start of the War
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