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 'Alo All!

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PostSubject: 'Alo All!   Sat Oct 31, 2009 12:59 pm

I guess I have to do this too huh?

Ne ways, my name is Sam, of course for all you people know, it could have been princess Ponesuela. But, it isn't so--yeah.

My in game name is Akio ('Kio) and has been for a very long time. I am the creator of Night world. I do pretty much all the coding and lots of the work. But I can't take all the credit, my admins are to amazing to be forgotten. *Winks*

If you're looking for a real life bio, I guess you can ask Lex (Luna) about that one b/c I think she's the one that knows me the best on the site. I get ticked off, easily. Generally it's for the same reasons Lex and Logan have, people who mess with my friends get harmed. I push people down stairwells in school b/c they thought they could pick on Adam (A freshman friend o' mine). Needless to say, the smart man walked away and never spoke of it again.

I might post a picture here, but I hate pictures of myself. So, too bad. ;p


  • Cool people
  • Good music and food
  • Role playing (Writing)
  • Drawing
  • The season of Autumn
  • Video gaming when I get the chance
  • Movies
  • Hanging out w/friends


  • Stupid people that get on my nerves
  • People who utter the phrase: "Don't be such a know-it-all" when I never implied as such, or "So it's okay if you do it, but not somebody else right?!" when I never said that either. Neutral
  • All things vegetables (Except carrots, peas, green beans or spinach. I know the last one's weird. >> But it must be uncooked!)
  • Uncleanliness. (Very Ocd about a couple of things)
  • Liars
  • Backstabbers
  • Double standards
  • Arrogance
  • The general population of idiocy
  • And getting my blood drawn. (I can do needles, but I hate it when they need to take my blood, I mean, really?)

So yeah, I guess you know a lil bit about me. For more info just ask. Very Happy *Waves*
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'Alo All!
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