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 Missing May (open -.-)

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PostSubject: Missing May (open -.-)   Thu Mar 11, 2010 11:12 pm

Location: Thea
Time: Noon-ish

A young woman stood in an overgrown field, a rarity in this heavily forested island. Children bounced about the meadow, laughing and clutching flowers and leaves in their tiny hands. The sun shown beautifully, making the insects glow as they buzzed about.

A butterfly the color of sunshine fluttered around the woman’s face, and she smiled as it flew passed her. She was lovely, and could stand out in a group of vampires. Her milky skin hadn’t a single flaw, and her captivating green eyes glittered as if she were always on the bridge of tears. She had an oval-shaped face, and her lips were pretty pink and perfectly balanced. Her figure was very feminine, her legs long and smooth and a lean waist. She had brown-black hair that tumbled to her waist in curls when she didn’t twist it into a regal knot.

Yes, she was beautiful, and she was perfectly aware of it.

“Miss ‘Mina! Miss ‘Mina!” Chanted a child’s voice. Will turned as one of the young girls bounded towards her, tailed by another one. Will smiled maternally as she braced herself for the girls’ arrivals.

“Miss ‘Mina!” “Lady Will’a’mina!” They shouted in unison. “Miss ‘Mina, are these the right ones?” The first implored.

Will stared at the plant that had been thrust in her direction. It was a weed with a stiff stalk, long, thin leaves, and a cluster of red flowers. The girl had ripped three out of the ground by the root. Will smiled. “Yes, this is a Butterfly Weed.”

The girl deflated. “A weed?” She whined disappointedly.

Will smiled reassuringly, the sun making her glow ethereally. “It’s also called Milkweed or a Chiggerflower. I can use this to help Mister Haiz with his chest pains. Thank you, Ena.” Will said, taking the flowers from the girl and placing them in her basket.

The girl, Ena, beamed. Her and her friend giggled happily and ran off. Will smiled and went about looking for useful plants. The wind blew locks of hair from her bun, rippled her black skirt and the loose sleeves of the peasant blouse she wore under her black corset.

Will bent down, plunking a few spear-shaped leaves from the ground, sprinkling them in her basket. Straightening up, she counted her children. Dani, check. Ena, check. Jacob, check. Maggie, check. May...

Will’s heart rate increased. Where was May? The girl’s mother had entrusted Will with watching the girl as she went on her errands about the village. Now the girl, who shared the same namesake as her own younger sister, had vanished.

Will knew all too well the dangers of the forests of Thea. Will herself had found herself lost in these woods upon several occasions. May could have wander off and gotten forgotten her way back.

She scanned the meadow once more, making sure she hann’t missed the girl. But there wasn’t a single child with golden curls in the clearing. Will dropped her basket, and cupped her hands around her mouth.

“May!!” She called. The children stopped their frolicking in confusion. “May!? May!!” Will called, scanning the edges of the forest surrounding their field. The other children noticed the youngest one’s absence, and were gearing up to head into the forest in search of her.

Will turned on them sternly. “Do not go in there. Stay in the clearing in case she finds her way back!” She ordered them.

Then she turned and stomped into the forest, calling for May repeatedly, hoping to get some indication she hadn’t fallen off a cliff or something.
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Missing May (open -.-)
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