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 Description: (Rihuvol)

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PostSubject: Description: (Rihuvol)   Sat Oct 31, 2009 5:26 pm


Rihuvol, after the planet was split it became the scene of a horrific black magic battle in which many beings were lost dying by the hands of their fellows. People were scrambling and easily sent over the edge. The battle started as a mere riot grew as more people become involved and one or two mages clashed in the wings. The mages ended up murdering each other and their dark magic and sprits turned the once beautiful landscape into a barren wasteland. After this incredible release of magical energy Neoki appeared and demanded that the battle cease immediately. Saying that the races’ quarreling amongst themselves was pointless, when there were other enemies to fight--enemies that had to be destroyed for the good of the world. The brawlers now with a leader became organized fighting force, and the first of many to join Neoki's army. There were some that didn’t join the army; they were too far gone from what they had seen. The only survivors of this battle are 3 vampires. Not that you’ll get any information from them: They’re insane they roam this area and an encounter with them is sure to mean death. They drink the blood of everything and everyone mindlessly awaiting their next meal. It is safe for no one. Not even Neoki, they respect no authority and fear no one. If you hear screams in the night it’s best just to pretend you didn’t.


Barren and blank landscape approximately 1.3 million square miles. The once rich soil is now, black from the evil that has seeped into the ground over the past 500 years. Skeletons of trees loom high in the air, black, twisted and gnarled like people who thrive there. Hills dot the landscape and water is hard to come by, even though it rains almost all the time, a thick mist covers the land water evaporates almost the instant it touches the land creating a constant thick mist that makes it nearly impossible to see more the 5 feet in front of you. The visibility factor makes it the perfect hunting ground for the three vampires that prowl the area. This barren wasteland lasts until you hit the smooth beach where the water is blue and the sky is clear, this is the only place on the entire island where water is pretty much an unlimited source. This is also pretty much the only place you find people. They are never alone, there are always at least 20-30 people loners are easy prey for vampires.

Behind the Name...

At one time actually 4 insane vampires roamed this area. The people of the island put out a bounty of 10,000 dollars for whoever could bring back the head of one of the vampires and the burned ashes. One man stepped forward willing to take the challenge, he left a day later after being armed by the village. For weeks he was gone and the people began to lose hope, slowly forgetting about the man they had sent into the barren wasteland, dismissing him as dead. One day approximately a month later a badly wounded man stumbled into the village with the head of a vampire in his hand, and a pouch full of ashes tied to his belt. He was littered with bite marks and he was rapidly dying. Before he was lost they managed to get his story from him, he was the man they had hired and had waited for his opportunity to get one of them alone. When his chance had finally come he had attacked the vampire he thought was unknowing of his presence, as it turns out they had known he was coming, the battle was hard but if he was going to die he was determined to take at least one of them down with him. He managed to kill the youngest just as the sun began to rise. The others retreated into the shadows waiting sunset for their opportunity to kill the man who had killed one of them. He managed to get away and put about a day and half’s travel between them running though any water he could find tying to scatter his scent though the land. Then he had arrived at the village. They asked him what they should do with all the money. Everyone knew he was going to die. He told them to give it to his daughter, that she lived in Bristan and that she needed the money now that he was going to die. His name was Rihuvol, and his daughter came and lived on the island eventually becoming its leader and naming it after her father.
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Description: (Rihuvol)
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