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 The 11 Commandments

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PostSubject: The 11 Commandments   Sat Oct 31, 2009 12:12 pm


1. No OOC Harassment.

  • This means no racial slurs, phrases, or stereotypes permitted. Depending upon the severity of the comment, it may result in an insta-ban. You are allowed IC prejudices, if you want to work it in the plot line of your character. But nothing OoC will be tolerated.

  • Any deliberate action to insult another play's character, or themselves, is not permitted. This includes, but is not limited to: inappropriate complaints about other members, flaming, flamebaiting, and other actions.

2. No OoC/Ic mixing.

  • Don't approach a Moderator or other staff member with Ic problems, and ask for assistance OoC. You can certainly ask for something to be resolved, but do not expect us to just step in, as well trying to get others in trouble, unless they actually did something wrong. People who try to get other people in hot water, that didn't do anything, will be judged severely.

  • If you don't like someone OoC, (In Real Life) then your character may not needlessly attack the other just because they did something to offend you, and vise versa. If someone you know in real life offends you on the site, it stays here. Do not take it out on them, the next time you see them at school or whatever. Basically, what happens on Night World, stays on Night World.

3. No inappropriate content. This one is quite simple, the site is Pg 13, and as such, nothing porn related, extensive crude language, humor, violence, or sex is permitted. We do allow to a certain point, violence, flirting, horror, and rude jokes, but nothing you wouldn't want a 13 year old (6-7 grader) to see.

4. No False Profiling. This is the internet and as such your identity is protected. You do not have to give away any more info than you feel comfortable with; but lying about who you are, what you do, or represent is unacceptable and violators will be dealt with severely.

5. No Cheating. Cheating is any act to which you gain an unfair advantage over other players. Loophole processes need to be reported to a Moderator so that we can isolate it and prevent further abuse.

6. No Spamming. It is okay to share links with your friends and talk about things, but if a Moderator deems an act as a spam, the text will be removed and the player will be warned/punished.

7. No posting until your character is accepted. Until we accept and approve of your character, you are not permitted to post on the site.

8. No God Modding. God modding is the act of controlling another character's actions, words, or thoughts. You can't write for somebody's character. (You can get permission before making a post, but make a note of it in a quote before the post.)

9. No Power playing.

  • Night World has little restrictions, but amazing bouts of strength or speed, beyond which normal characters could compete with, to gain an advantage will not be permitted. The Mods will decide on what is and what not. Also refer to the Characteristics guide for a ball park idea of what your character is capable of. (Link!)

  • If you do not own a certain power, then you may not use it. Rule breakers will also be judged as a power player.

10. Stick to the Plot provided. There is a master plot set in place for Night World for a reason. Be sure that you follow along with basic guidelines and not stray from the world created in any big ways. Alternating a thread's specific plot line is also not permitted. Please speak to the thread master, or creator of that particular thread to ask for any deviations or changes you would like to suggest.

11. Respect Staff. We are hard working and devote much time to keep the site running. We are people too, and have feelings as well as emotions. Do not lash out against us unnecessarily. You are entitled to an opinion, and are not about to get into any trouble just for voicing it. Just remember to heed your words if the issue lies within yourself and not the Mod in question.


New Members: We understand that sometimes a new role play site can be overwhelming or even confusing. For this reason, warnings are issued in order to point new players in the right direction so further violations may be prevented. Generally, everybody's first offense includes a referral to the rules. You are not about to be tried as a full member or even dealt like one. Unless you are being a real jerk on purpose, you won’t even get in trouble.

Full or Regular Members: Once a person is a full member, they are expected to abide by all rules and respect them. Failure to do this will result in punishments listed below. You guys at this point have been on the site enough to get 50 posts worked out. Be they In Character or Out of Character, doesn’t matter. So just remember that at this point, you should generally know what you’re doing. Full members aren’t beyond receiving warnings, because everybody makes mistakes, and sometimes unintentionally. So at this point, just be more careful.

  • 1st offense: Referral to the rules section. Warning. (You get two depending on what type of rule is in question)

  • 2nd offense: Removed from that topic--not allowed back. (We will always ask and give you a chance to edit something before we go as far as moving your post. You get two of these as well.)

  • 3rd and so on offense: Suspension or Banishment. (At this point, you’ve had plenty of chances. And although you may be fined or punished in some in game form, you may be suspended should you continue your antics.)


It is possible to repeal a punishment, but it will take some convincing. Moderators will look over the reason for the punishment, why it was caused, and any other outside inflictions in order to determine if the ruling was fair. The punishment may reside, or may be repealed / lifted. Depending upon the offense, punishments may only be repealed once. If you would like to make an appeal, please pm Akio (Click) or [url={Link}]Luna (Click)[/url] the webmasters. Please include the following:

- The name of the account punished
- The punishment
- The rule broken
- Why you feel you should not have been punished
- Any other (appropriate) questions or comments.

Thank you for adhering / reading the rules. Please respond with any comments, questions, or suggestions.

~Night World Staff
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The 11 Commandments
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