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 Hero's Charge!

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PostSubject: Hero's Charge!   Sat Oct 31, 2009 2:31 pm

Outline: A wealthy adventure is looking to find many heroes to embark on an extensive journey to complete tales untold. All you must do is claim a spot by his side to take part in his great magic that will surely help you on any path you should wish to take.

Objective: Complete six tagged quests, in any amount of time to receive the awards.
(Tagged quests will have special notes at the bottom dignifying them as such. Generally tagged quests involve a little more work than other conventional quests and are always listed as sticky topics.)

Participants: Open to all.

  • An immediate level up.
  • An added 50k experience.
  • And a plus +2 to all stats. Or a + 5 to any two stats.

Requirements: The player must have completed 6 tagged quests that have been fully completed. Links will be required. If a thread is still open, then it does not count as a completed quest.

Once you have completed 6 tagged quests, contact an admin with this information…
  • Name of the account
  • Links to all 6 of the threads containing the quest
  • What stat upgrade you would like.

For more info on this subject, please contact an admin.
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Hero's Charge!
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