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 Description: (Xyleena)

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PostSubject: Description: (Xyleena)   Sat Oct 31, 2009 1:22 pm


Xyleena is within the Murdrock territory. After the great battle that took place here, in the middle of Tyrand, few survivors had remained. The two superpowers, Neoki and Nagol, had disappeared. The soldiers that remained from the fight can only say this, that whatever happened to them went unseen. Eventually, the small group found themselves fighting for survival. A self proclaimed leader of the people, Murdrock, emerged from the crowd. He delivered messages of peace, and shared his ideologies about bringing back together Tyrand under one just ruler. The soldiers, after witnessing such a terrible display of power at the hands of their leaders, quickly agreed to his thoughts. They formed together a type of union bent of spreading peace through-out the land. Forming what we know as the Murdrock territory. They claimed the massive island there battle field took place on as their own capital.


Approx. 5.4 million square miles, this island was one of the strange ones that had been radically changed during the break. It could be considered barren, but with the big population residing in its walls would say otherwise. The entire island is a great icy tundra. Glaciers, snow drifts, and pools of frozen lakes scatter the land, as well as many homes made out of a verity of materials. Some have managed to unearth wood, but very few have done so, and most of the place is a big expanse of ice with formations of the snow and ice representing homes and towns. For the capital building, a giant frozen castle has been obstructed. The first Murdrock people had built it immediately after the war, during a strong blizzard as shelter. It gradually grew into what we know it today. Like all the islands on Tyrand, Xyleena’s frozen domain stops at the beach. Every island has a beach of pure white sand, blasted soft by Neoki’s magic endeavors. The water then branches off from the shore into a crystal clear blue people often swim in. As a separate nation from the rest, Murdrock needs a strong capital to resist that of the other forces, to compensate; a giant ice wall has been constructed to protect the citizens of peace inside its territory. The sun is not seen inside the island, and can only be caught upon hitting the beach.

Behind the Name…

Xyleena was developed out of happenstance. The nation of Murdrock has declared that it accepts all races and descents, so long as the show a true mind of gaining peace in the world. So when everybody collaborated together, one might imagine a bit of confusion. Accomplishing the language barrier was difficult enough without the diversity in opinions. Many wanted them to be named after great leaders of their own kind, and could not decide upon anything. Just as everything seemed hopeless, a small girl steps out of the crowd. She explained that her father had taken her into battle, to protect her two little brothers. Unfortunately, they died as did the father, but she saw reason in obtaining peace, so that death might have been avoided. She volunteered to translate for the races, happening to know every single one! Everybody was astounded at her fluency, and so derived that it was a gift, conceived by none other than magic; pure white magic at that. Her name was Xyleena. And the races unanimously decided that the island was to be called Xyleena, in honor of the great help she had been. She now resides as the queen of Murdrock, marrying the man and living happily to this day with him.
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Description: (Xyleena)
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