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 Description: (Rororcaitun)

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PostSubject: Description: (Rororcaitun)   Sat Oct 31, 2009 1:20 pm

Approximately 250 miles across, this area is slightly better off then on the other island. The soil is black and the trees are still gnarled, but the landscape is flat leading to a large walled (made of wood) off city. Just outside the city daily drills are preformed with the military, all day. Within the city good things wither and die while evil thrives. Within the city anything evil is pulled, almost as if by supernatural means the stronger the being the stronger the pull, to the center of the city. Before them is a large plain stone building. The bricks are black as the rest of the area. The stone is rare so it is well known what they must be defending within. Within is where the leader of Chaos himself sits, before him is the center of his power. A lodestone. The stone is about 6 feet tall and emanates black power. Just being close to it flues the power of dark magic. **Small fragments are broken off and given to some of the rulers stronger warriors in order to strengthen them. It breaks off in small clean fragments and strengthens the user’s darker tendencies driving even pure people to commit foul deeds.

**If a fragment for your character (be it black or white) is desired please Pm either a Mod or Admin.

{In Progress}
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Description: (Rororcaitun)
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