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 Description: (Emeline)

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PostSubject: Description: (Emeline)   Sat Oct 31, 2009 1:06 pm


Emeline is within the Murdrock territory. After the Great War in the land, many of the refugees were looking for places travel for safety, to make a new living; many branched off, returning to their respective lands and going back to their islands. However, some were willing to make a new start in the world, and so decided to go to this new land. Now, many stayed on the island where the battle took place, but others came to this one, eager for a chance at a better life. The small colony found themselves with their hands full when they arrived however. Most were expecting something relatively easy to live at, but it seemed like just gaining entry to the island was going to be a problem all on its own. But finally by finding a beach that bordered the place so casually, they managed to make their way into the island, ready to begin a new life with philosophies picked up from Murdrock himself. They had heard the tails by the other survivors, and seemed to decide that this was the way it would also be here in this new place. They would live in peace, welcoming all who came here, looking for a fresh start.


Approx. 2.9 million sq mi, this island is composed of a strange dense jungle that wraps the land. While it is a fairly large island, it still remains to be one of the smallest in Tyrand. Some would have said that the island was to be unpopulated; that no one could possibly settle it. However, the people from the Great War were determined. They wanted to escape from all the bloodshed and madness; a jungle could have been one of the best ways to do it. There are strange vines connected to a large mass of trees that soak up nutrients of the lush soil. Leaves scatter the grounds everywhere, and crunched noisily wherever you happened to walk over them. The sand that boarders the island is just like all the others, seeming more like a sandy pacific ocean or some type of retrieve than better deemed possible. They don't need much for walls, although they have them, due to the large face-side cliffs towering up the island. It is expected that because of the magic surrounding the place, the dirt will not be eroding into the water any time soon. When you enter the island, there are few trials or roads to choose from. Generally, you would have to battle your way through the tightly packed place, teeming with unknown and still to be discovered plants and vines that threaten to upturn anybody making a wrong step. The towns in the area are quite well built, thanks to the abundance in many types of lumber--some even rare enough to now be considered a delicacy in other places. For this very reason, Emeline has been doing quite well with trade for the other islands, and as a neutral force, this island can successfully expand its market to that of all races.

Behind the Name…

Emeline's title was named after a girl as many of the islands are. One of the group's strongest leaders was a healthy lad. He was able to organize much of what went on with the group. This from creating a small army, to marshaling everybody into doing work and getting the things needed to be done--done. However, the young boy could not properly illustrate what it was he wanted; much less convince people to do it. But all was not lost for him; he had a lover that was a so beautiful, she could have easily been a vampire. Some suspected exactly that, but she kept any knowledge to herself and away from the public. She used her charm to sway the survivor's opinion to following his order's, which were gruff, but intelligent, and very applicable to their present situation. After listening through the boy's instructions, voiced through the charming could be vampire, the first patch of the jungle was cleared large enough for a small town. Later on, expanses were added, and things began to grow exponentially; around the same time the respect for the vampire grew for her great success. Later, it was unanimously decided that the fierce jungle they had conquered be named Emeline, in her high honor.
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Description: (Emeline)
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