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 Description: (Bristan)

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PostSubject: Description: (Bristan)   Sat Oct 31, 2009 1:00 pm

Approx. 275 miles-grassy plains cover this Island densely inhabited near the beaches small houses dot the landscape, close to the beach or rivers that run though the area into the ocean. It seems everyone is safe until you sense the underlying tension of people awaiting the next attack. The people are happy but there’s something fragile about the happiness. In the exact center of the island is the capital city, if it can be called a city, the stone walls are patrolled by archers and swordsmen. Behind the great wooden doors the pull of a second loadstone can be felt. This, however, is a loadstone of light amplifying the light magic. The pure are drawn to it while the dark are pushed away. One of the many reasons neither capital has been attacked yet is because the dark loadstone repulses the light users as much as the light loadstone repulses the dark users. This stone isn’t hidden from the people but isn’t used freely either. It sits within the lobby of another stone building, fortified to fend off an attack. The rest of the houses in the city are made of wood.

{In Progress}
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Description: (Bristan)
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