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 Power Maker's!

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PostSubject: Power Maker's!   Sat Oct 31, 2009 12:44 pm

This quest is essentially a power quest, only a bit more complicated.

Sometimes you may put a power suggestion in the suggestions board, and this is fine. But, if you'd like a power to be uniquely yours, talk to a webmaster in some form about gaining one through this quest. Simply put, let either Akio or Luna know about a power you had in mind, and if it is approved, then you get to role play it just like a power quest. The experience you are awarded will be determined by the quality of the role play, the power, and other misc factors. (But it will generally be more than a normal power quest)

Suggest powers by replying here, or contact a Webmaster.

This is a tagged quest.

Thank you,
~Run The Darkness Staff
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Power Maker's!
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